We are living in interesting times is a common byline used by people from different walks of life to express peculiarities of this century. Well, it was nothing but smiles for Premier Foods Limited (PFL) team, as they launched Re-charge Dawa Drink an innovation-driven by the COVID – 19 pandemic on the 15th of October 2021. The new product of a classic flavor is meant to help meet the immediate need for healthy and convenient products.

“During these challenging times, we wanted to offer a helping hand to those looking for nutritious options that are ready to drink,” says Joseph Choge, CEO of PFL. “We believe that these new products will make this time easier `for those who would like an easy and refreshing option as a source for their healthy drinks”


The Re-charge Dawa drink was inspired by the local Kenyan Dawa drink that is used as a comfort drink when one has flu. In Kenya, even before we experienced the global pandemic the drink was used for medicinal purposes. From soothing sore throats, flu or cold comfort drink and some even used it to relieve toothaches.

Re-charge Dawa drink contains all the ingredients used by the locals: ginger a natural antioxidant, lemon rich in Vitamin C and great for detoxing, and honey a good source of antioxidants. These ingredients have been proven to have numerous benefits.

‘‘Through market research, we identify opportunity gaps and develop products to bridge them. This product is a good example of listening to the market and moving with the times.  While the pandemic affected business worldwide, we were quick to adapt to the changing times to meet the needs of our clients.’’ Says Joseph Choge, CEO PFL.

The Re-charge Dawa drink doesn’t cure COVID-19, however, it has become the perfect comfort drink for most Kenyans.


The General Manager, Innovations, S. Dharmarajan stated at the launch that the company is also planning to launch a similar drink for children.

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