Yummy Moments For PEPTANG Peanut Butter

Get to experience the great taste of our Creamy, Crunchy and Sugar Free PEPTANG Peanut butter by adding it to your breakfast spread list. It is a healthy spread for your bread, can be snacked while binging your favorite movie over the weekend, add it to your pancake recipe and even use it to dress your salad. The good news, it is always ready to serve.

Make it saucy or hot saucy with PEPTANG Tomato sauces

With an array of taste pallets of sauce from the House of PEPTANG, be rest assured that every dish you make will be served with a Sauce. Our Sauces make a great base, with Tomato Sauce, Ketchup best served on fries, bhajia or mashed potatoes. From Choma Sauce for your barbecued meat, hotdogs, and burgers, to Sauces that have garlic and a bit of Chilli; we have them all. Feel free to add our Sauces to every dish and snack you find suitable. We guarantee great taste.

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Keep it Jam fruity!

Did you know that our Fruit Jams are available in 6 flavors namely;

– Apricot Jam

– Mixed Fruit Jam

– Orange Marmalade

– Orange Marmalade

– Pineapple

– Red plum

– Strawberry Jam

Our PEPTANG Fruit Jam collection is popularly used as bread spread for breakfast or brunch. It goes well with our PEPTANG Peanut Butter, cream cheese, and ricotta. Other ways to make Jam interesting is by adding a dollop to your pastry and desserts, spread it between cake layers, use it as a topping for your pancakes, add to plain yogurt as a flavor, bake muffins with your favorite flavor and use our Orange marmalade on your chicken breast before baking. Our collection is of great use to your kitchen.

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Whip up Tomato Paste!

Our PEPTANG Tomato Paste is a pantry must-have; one can or sachet could be used for several meals. All you must do is store it in the refrigerator. Its main purpose is to elevate the flavor of your pilau, soup, Biriani stew and any other stew made in your kitchen.

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Pure African Honey

Everyone needs a touch of something sweet, our PEPTANG Pure African Honey is a wise choice. Used for Medicinal purposes including coughs, a sweetener, bread spread, used as toppings on your pancakes and cookies. Sweeten your life with our PEPTANG Pure African honey.

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Get your ‘DAWA’

What better way to keep the flu at bay during this COVID-19 period than to have Dawa made from the house of PEPTANG as your starter pack. With ginger, lemon and our Pure African Honey as the ingredients, this popular medicinal drink will leave you refreshed and healthy.

PEPTANG Vinegar to the flavor

PEPTANG vinegar is popularly used as a marinade, for salad dressing and sauce. With its flavor, it gives an extra sour-sweet taste and makes your salad plate look better. Our vinegar can also be used to preserve your food and prevent it from spoiling.

Replenish with our PEP cordial drinks

Pep Squashes flavors are the best refreshments with the ideal taste. Enjoy our 8 delicious fruity tastes;

– Cocopine drink

– Fruit cocktail drink

– Lemon drink

– Lime juice

– Mixed fruit drink

– Orange drink,

– Passion drink

– Pineapple drink

Make brunch with your friends memorable and tasty by including your favorite pep flavor. Best served chilled.


Our new ready to drink PEP RTD will quencher your thirst and leave you feeling energized. PEP RTD is available in several flavors:

– Apple

– Mango

– Orange

– Tropical

It can be served with your snacks or meals. Best served chilled.

Drippy Syrups

Have you been wondering what you would do with your PEP Maple and Golden Syrup other than drizzling it on your pancakes? Worry no more, PEP has the gist for you. Add it to your popcorn to add extra sweetness when binge-watching that series, your pastry will never be the same once you taste them with PEP Syrup, make it part of your cocktail recipe, perfect taste for your chicken Fajitas and most importantly your desserts could use a bit of Syrup.

We are also introducing new Syrup flavors in strawberry, chocolate and mango to give you extra taste. Be sure to shop with us at

Taste the fruit in Orchid Valley

A taste of the tropics is what you get to experience with our Orchid Valley natural juice made from real pulp, some would even call it a packaged smoothie. Orchid valley gives you the chance to enjoy the taste of every fruit even if they are not in season. Nourish and energize yourself with our amazing juices. Best served chilled. Do you want to look at what Orchid Valley flavor will quench your thirst? Link on bio

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