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Whether you use our Peptang sauce in all your delicacies or just a few, our popular collection has an array of them for you to select. But then, have you ever thought about how the company came to be? Well, let us travel back in time to understand.

It all started when The Kenya Sunshine Company Ltd, a family business started producing condiments in 1935. Back in the day, condiments were only meant for the affluent demographics since production was limited. Post-independence however brought in more possibilities; the growth of urban centers led to the demand for condiments. IPS Kenya acquired the company in 1985 after realizing its potential in the market and Peptang Tomato Sauce came to be. By the 1990s Peptang became one of the leading companies.

We have innovated from basic bottles to easy-to squeeze tomato sauce bottles and sachets in various sizes. Our sauce has improved in terms of packaging and most importantly the quality of the product to suit our customer’s needs. When it initially began, they only produced one tomato sauce, overtime we have diversified our products in a variety of flavors that suit different delicacies.

The Tomato sauces are in different packages: Peptang Tomato Sauce, Peptang Tomato Garlic Sauce, and Peptang Tomato Ketchup.

Our hot sauce collection has a variety of flavours: Choma Sauce, Hot and Sweet Sauce, Peptang Chilli Garlic Sauce, Peptang Pilipili Garlic Sauce, Peptang Pilipili Sauce, and Peptang Sweet Chilli Sauce.

All these sauces produced by the company have different taste pallets and have been embraced by our consumers.

Over the years, the company has ensured that the quality and heritage of Peptang tomato sauce have been maintained. However, it is our goal to grow our brand progressively for the future and ensure that we provide the best products.

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